How to Wear Shorts During Spring and Summer

Written by: A Fashionable Mind

Summer is the perfect time to wear shorts. Your summer shorts wardrobe should include much more than just denim and cutoffs. The tips below might help you include more shorts in your summer style.

Boyfriend Shorts

The perfect pair of boyfriend shorts should ideally be a little long and fit low on your hips. In order to style these, opt for the same method that you would use for boyfriend jeans. Start by rolling the cuffs and pairing them with something slouchy such as a loose button-down shirt, T-shirt or tank top.

Botanical Print

Botanical prints were long regarded as being the ultimate picture of kitsch, especially when holidaying or during summer. When fashion has channeled the tropical vibes, this has given rise to colorful and graphical prints. Tropical print shorts can be paired with strappy flat-colored sandals and mirrored sunglasses.

High-Waisted Cutoffs

High-waisted cutoff shorts are staple pieces and have existed since forever. These type of shorts are best worn with loose graphic T-shirts and a pair of flats. A belt can also be added to lay emphasis on the waist.

Lace Shorts

Lace shorts are best worn with loose tops inspired from menswear. Only a few inches of the shorts should be visible. The rest would need to be covered by the top. A pair of heels can also be worn to lay emphasis on the legs.

Leather Shorts

Leather shorts are more elegant when they are worn quite loose. The look can further be kept light and springy with pops of color or white pieces

Best Swimsuits For All Body Shapes

When it comes to clothing there are few pieces in your wardrobe that might give you as much anxiety as a swimsuit. With so many possibilities of shapes available in the market, the choice might not be so easy. The key is to find the right piece to flatter your body type so that you can be as comfortable as possible by the beach or the pool. The tips below might help you find the ideal swimsuit.

For a Large Bust

If you have a relatively large bust, you might consider a halter swimsuit or a strapless one. The underwire cup would provide you with adequate support. You might also opt for a swimsuit that consists of a unique neckline to show a hint of cleavage without going over the top. Asymmetric pieces can also be favored in you have a large bust.

For Straight Figures

If you have a straight figure, you would need to create the illusion of a defined waistline and hips. This can be achieved by choosing color block swimsuits which have indentation patterns at the section where you hips and waist would be. A swimsuit that bears a mix of horizontal and vertical lines would also be effective in procuring the illusion of curves.

If You Have A Tummy

If you have a tummy that you would like to hide or have a baby bump, you might opt for prints. Swimsuits that contain interior mesh panels are also effective in hiding a tummy. Drapes can also be effective to give the illusion of flat abs.

Crafting party favors

Written by Too Cute Beads

Party favors are essential if you are hosting a party. It might be in the form of small gifts, edible goods such as cakes and candies or just a thank you note. Your party favors would remind your guests of the great time they have spent at your place and act as a sign of gratitude on your part thanking them for having lifted up your party.

If you are giving away non-edible party favors, you might think about getting them ready before the party so that you would not have to worry about that on the day of the event. Classic party favors would consist of candles, greeting cards, photos or a souvenir reminding the theme of the party such as seashells for beach-themed parties. A unique party favor idea would be to include a piece of bead jewelry to the gift hamper. You might take a step further and include a jewelry making activity during your party. Your guests would thus be able to craft their own jewelry and to take it home as their party favor.

To include a jewelry-making activity in your party, you might want to stock up on jewelry making supplies. You could also get some Regaliz leather to help your guests easily craft bracelets even if they have not done it before. This would be a great opportunity to find out about the creativity of your friends and to watch them express themselves through this craft.

Too Cute Beads is an online store selling beading and DIY jewelry supplies.

Tips on Buying Your First Mattress

Tips-on-Buying-Your-First-MattressWritten by: Bedding Style

Newlyweds have a lot to handle. Planning a wedding is time consuming enough, but what comes after is the beginning of a life together. You may have had disagreements over what looks nicest, or what will work for the home you both had pictured in your minds, but reality can bring us down to Earth. There are a few practical considerations you should keep in mind when it comes to purchasing your first bed. We’ll cover everything from firmness to sheets and frames, so read on for practical tips to help you make your decision.

Consider Your Budget

Before you decide to get that cheap bed from a department store, go and spend some time laying on it. There are two places in life where you don’t want to skimp on luxury: your shoes and your bed. Most cheap beds feel great when you first get into them, but you start to notice small deal breakers over time. These beds lack support and they often don’t last for very long. With that in mind, look at some quality beds and use that to help you determine what your budget ought to be. Some people spend several thousand dollars on a bed others would find too firm or unnecessary. Budgeting and demoing will go hand in hand, but expect to pay more than a few hundred dollars if you want something to last.

Also, don’t discount the power of negotiation. You may be able to get a free set of pillows, bed linens or even a box spring thrown in with your purchase if you can negotiate for them.

Size and Comfort

Having a wide bed is about personal space. Some couples don’t mind being in closer contact, and the smaller frame will save space in the bedroom for other pieces of furniture. You also want to make sure that the height of the bed matches your own height. A lot of shorter people will struggle to get into and out of a bed that stands tall.

As you are getting in and out of the mattress, take a moment to note the firmness. Some people like a mattress that cushions them, but others find that too soft and difficult to get out of.

Thoughts on Care and Bedding

When you buy your first set of bed sheets, buy a slip cover that is fitted to your size bed. When you perspire at night, you won’t stain your mattress. You can also buy a bed bug cover if you’re nervous about that particular nuisance.

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Style Steals that are investment pieces

Usually, fashion and investment do not always pop up in the same sentence. But some pieces are definitely a must have to make your wardrobe stretch and make sure you look your best. Here are 5 staples that will make your wardrobe appear a lot more versatile.

A trench coat – A soft caramel coat can compliment any outfit. A double-breasted coat with a belt is flattering for any body shape. Choose a style that hits just above your knees to get the best from your proportions, no matter your height.

Over-the-knee boots – A fierce pair of over-the-knee boots can be paired with black skinny jeans. You could choose a pair with a heel or one without.

A saddlebag – Leather cross body saddle bag is ideal for any outfit. Look for ones with details like rose gold hardware and bow detail.

A cable knit sweater – A cozy sweater in chunky jersey can keep you warm on a cold day. A classic cable knit is all you need to make your way through winter. Choose styles in off-white, light gray or beige to make pairing your sweater easier.

Black distressed denim – Distressed denim is very popular at the moments and is matched with rips at the knees. You can pair your jeans with almost anything. Just make sure your top is relatively simple, to allow your jeans to be the highlight of your outfit.


Handbag Trends for 2015

Keeping up with trends in 2015, as for each year, would revolve around keeping an eye for details. For the coming year, the most determinant shopping that you might make would most probably revolve more around getting the right accessory. Handbags are one of the first accessories to consider in that case. The It bag would be back in the spotlight and the list below might help you choose the right one.


The round shape would be one of the trendiest for handbags in 2015. Whether that is a handheld clutch or crossbody bags. Round bags blend perfectly with a variety of outfits and style. Ideally you might choose the bags in clashing colors such as red or white.


The crossbody bag is convenient. It has almost become a wardrobe staple. The crossbody complements casual or saddle-inspired looks. For a working girl look, a bigger crossbody can be paired with some sleek pants and shirt.

Get a handle on it

Handles or straps are in. These kind of bags are easy to handle and can be carried to just about anywhere, including cocktail parties and daytime events. Designers have created some amazing pieces for the 2015 collections in vibrant colors. These are perfect to complement monochrome outfits.

Return of the Tote

The tote was long considered as the boring shopping back. But not anymore. The tote would be trendier than ever in 2015, coming in metallic colors or quirky graphics and prints. This roomy bag might soon become your summer staple.

Rainy Season Outfits 2016


Many people are confused about which type of outfits they should wear during rainy season. Some of them prefer to wear worn-out dresses so that new ones do not get stained. However, it is fun to get dressed in short pants and those short skirts during rainy season. Read on to know about rainy season outfits.

We all love rainy season and the songs meant for that, but rarely anyone likes to get drenched in rain. The real enjoyment of rainy season is to sit in your verandah having a cup of coffee while it rains outside. However, we cannot sit inside our house or come out occasionally throughout the rainy season. We have to attend our office and workplace no matter what happens. Moreover, rainy season also has its benefits and drawbacks.

One of the disadvantages of rainy season is choice of clothes. No matter what clothes you wear they are going to get spoiled due to mud, water and puddles that are here and there and everywhere. So. You need to pay extra attention to your clothes during raining season. Raincoats and umbrellas are synonymous to rainy season though. You can even make them exciting and at the same time fashionable so that it gives you a little fun and helps you look good too.




Tips for Outfits of Rainy Season

During the rainy season it is better to stay away from your stilettos or heels and prefer boots that can be knee high or shorter but must have the capacity to save you and your lower legs from getting spoiled and dirty. However, rubber slippers are also useful during this time. Do not ever wear your leather shoes or sandals, as they will get completely spoiled.




During the rainy season it is very important that you keep protective stuffs with you whenever you go out. These will save your favorite dress from getting spoiled and will also save you from any kind of embarrassing situation. This is why you should carry an umbrella or a raincoat with you. There are folding umbrellas available in the market. It is better to carry an oversized umbrella so that you save yourself completely.




Check out your wardrobe and wear those bright colour dresses in rainy season. These will help you look good and even boost up your spirit also. It will also look good, as most often there are clouds during the day in rainy season. It is better to keep the material cotton of your dress in case there is rise in humidity. However, cotton is an all time favorite. Cotton clothing are extremely comfortable and even versatile in changing temperatures.