How to Wear Shorts During Spring and Summer

Written by: A Fashionable Mind

Summer is the perfect time to wear shorts. Your summer shorts wardrobe should include much more than just denim and cutoffs. The tips below might help you include more shorts in your summer style.

Boyfriend Shorts

The perfect pair of boyfriend shorts should ideally be a little long and fit low on your hips. In order to style these, opt for the same method that you would use for boyfriend jeans. Start by rolling the cuffs and pairing them with something slouchy such as a loose button-down shirt, T-shirt or tank top.

Botanical Print

Botanical prints were long regarded as being the ultimate picture of kitsch, especially when holidaying or during summer. When fashion has channeled the tropical vibes, this has given rise to colorful and graphical prints. Tropical print shorts can be paired with strappy flat-colored sandals and mirrored sunglasses.

High-Waisted Cutoffs

High-waisted cutoff shorts are staple pieces and have existed since forever. These type of shorts are best worn with loose graphic T-shirts and a pair of flats. A belt can also be added to lay emphasis on the waist.

Lace Shorts

Lace shorts are best worn with loose tops inspired from menswear. Only a few inches of the shorts should be visible. The rest would need to be covered by the top. A pair of heels can also be worn to lay emphasis on the legs.

Leather Shorts

Leather shorts are more elegant when they are worn quite loose. The look can further be kept light and springy with pops of color or white pieces