Handbag Trends for 2015

Keeping up with trends in 2015, as for each year, would revolve around keeping an eye for details. For the coming year, the most determinant shopping that you might make would most probably revolve more around getting the right accessory. Handbags are one of the first accessories to consider in that case. The It bag would be back in the spotlight and the list below might help you choose the right one.


The round shape would be one of the trendiest for handbags in 2015. Whether that is a handheld clutch or crossbody bags. Round bags blend perfectly with a variety of outfits and style. Ideally you might choose the bags in clashing colors such as red or white.


The crossbody bag is convenient. It has almost become a wardrobe staple. The crossbody complements casual or saddle-inspired looks. For a working girl look, a bigger crossbody can be paired with some sleek pants and shirt.

Get a handle on it

Handles or straps are in. These kind of bags are easy to handle and can be carried to just about anywhere, including cocktail parties and daytime events. Designers have created some amazing pieces for the 2015 collections in vibrant colors. These are perfect to complement monochrome outfits.

Return of the Tote

The tote was long considered as the boring shopping back. But not anymore. The tote would be trendier than ever in 2015, coming in metallic colors or quirky graphics and prints. This roomy bag might soon become your summer staple.