Secret Summer Makeup Tips

Summer is fast approaching and of course, every woman wants to look and feel her most natural and fresh, which means an appearance that is minimal and leaves the face as bare as possible. This ‘natural’ face’ look is a beauty aesthetic that has gained traction in the new millennium, with more women stripping back the layers of excessive makeup to reveal a beautiful glow which resonates. Armed with the right tools, any woman can achieve this look and captivate a crowd.

Minimal Look Skin Preparation

The first key in achieving the minimal look is prepping your skin in order to fully optimize the end result. That dictates using exfoliation to cleanse the skin thoroughly for a healthy glow. In addition to exfoliating, a face mask is advisable once a week to remove any additional toxins that may be on your face.

Eyes That Speak Volumes

After your face has gone through proper cleansing and prepping, the next feature that deserves your attention are the eyes. To achieve a barely there, nude look, apply only a hint of makeup on your face. Apply a touch of mascara under the eyes and seal in the look with a bit of primer as well to leave a lasting impression. Don’t ignore the brow line and lids during the process, and that really should be all that is necessary to get a minimal glam look.

Say Goodbye to Foundation

For women that are going for the minimalist, natural look, one of the first things to remember is that this aesthetic dictates letting go of certain makeup and that extends to foundation. To retain a face that is light and devoid of any extras, 86 the foundation and the end result is a refined and light look that leaves your face gleaming.

Bio: Dev Randhawa is a hair and makeup guru based out of the United States. As an aspiring fashionista, Dev Randhawa is an excellent source of advice for hair and makeup.

Sun Smarts and How to Protect Your Skin From The Summer

Like many abusive relationships, the American love affair with the sun is littered with romantic images of debris. From Coco Chanel shines Farah Fawcett Deauville sun-kissed skin, bronzed beauty de rigueur for many times – to acting as an irreversible trend damaging the DNA of 1980 to replace scientists.

“Photodamage and skin cancer, can partly be attributed to the belief that tans are fashionable,” – said Dr.. Lina Andrea Cambio, New York-based American Academy of Dermatology dermatologist and colleagues. Equally insidious is the idea that tanning is healthy “- notes Dr. Alison Ehrlich, director of clinical research assistant and professor of dermatology at George Washington University. In fact, the “healthy” glow anything, but it’s clearly visible skin lesions.

Light trap

Today, some Americans still lost tan outline, but many know, the sun at risk, including burning, premature aging and skin cancer. Sunscreen is an all-time sales record, but also the rate of UV-induced diseases. According to the American Cancer Society, more than 1 million new skin cancer cases diagnosed in the United States each year. That deplete the ozone layer, and earlier detection of aging has been cited as factors, but many dermatologists, the biggest culprit is human behavior – the fact that people are not properly secured.

“Many people believe the myth that the sunscreen – allows them to stay at all day long without accumulating sun damage,” says dr. Susan Sweeney, Children’s Dermatology and Skin Surgery UMass Memorial Health Center Fellow. While it is important to wear sunscreen, it also emphasizes that these products offer only one layer of defense. In addition, and contrary to what is often printed on the product label – dermatologists to emphasize that there is no such thing as “sunblock.” And similarly, no protection from the sun is able to guarantee security on the day and even sweat or water-resistant formula should be applied once a day.

Equally disturbing is that most people choose a sunscreen measures based solely on the SPF (sun protection factor) – the number that only tells the story. According to Sweeney SPF only indicates protection against UVB light (wavelength, is primarily responsible for sunburn). While scientists once believed that UVB was the only one to blame for a wave of long-term skin damage, studies have shown that UVA is also a dangerous carcinogen.

Save your skin

There is no safe haven from the sun (even in daylight in closed spaces, can be harmful). But with a little diligence and prevention plan, you can take decisive steps to protect your skin.

Expand your horizons: “Choose a broad spectrum sunscreen with both UVB and UVA protection, SPF 15 or higher, and ingredients such as titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, which scatter and absorb UV light,” Cambio. Sweeney, a sunscreen containing avobenzone (Parsol 1789), such as Jan Marini Antioxidant Daily Face Protectant SPF 30 protects against UVA rays can also be useful.

Ounce of prevention: All too often, people do not apply enough sunscreen product to be effective, whether they choose instead to protect only their faces and shoulders. Sweeney recommends using at least an ounce of sun cover the entire body.

Make it a habit: “Many people remember to wear sunscreen on the beach, but they should be worn every day,” – says Sweeney. For best results, add it to your morning routine.

More and more, the sunscreen loses its effectiveness throughout the day, must be lubricated again and again. “Apply 30 minutes before impact, then every two to four hours,” – says Ehrlich.

Run cover: clothing, hats, sunglasses, there are potential lifesavers field Ehrlich explains. If you need for a longer period of time, Cambio suggests looking for shade areas.

Watch the clock: The best way to protect yourself from the sun to bypass, particularly during peak exposure times (from 10 to 2 pm). Where possible, Cambio recommends avoiding the midday sun.

Safer Recruitment

Today, protection from the sun gives women what they want – greaseless, broad spectrum protection clever, convenient package. In some cases, they even do double duty, moisturizer, foundation, and lip gloss.

Light weight, total body volume, try PHYTOMER OgénAge Protective Anti-Aging Cream Sunscreen SPF 30, Hampton Sun SPF 30 Lotion or Clinique UV-Response Cream SPF 50th Faces, look for a lot of vitamin formulas, hydrates and protects, such as Cellex-C Sun Care SPF 30, MD-expression found an SPF 30 or Clinique Super City Block Oil Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40th In order to protect the delicate skin around the eyes, try to create a special protection against the sun, for example. Carita Paris Eye Control Suncare SPF 15 or Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Eye Contour Care, Lip, Benefit and Kiehl each proposal SPF moisturizing lip balms and tinted sheer formulas. And a safe sun-kissed look, such as self-tanners, Biotherm Sunfitness Security Self-Tanner Tinted Cream SPF 15 to spread the instant glow of satisfaction, and DuWop Revolution Tinted Body Moisturizer SPF 15 shimmer offers both UV protection and a hint of sparkle.

How to Wear Shorts During Spring and Summer

Written by: A Fashionable Mind

Summer is the perfect time to wear shorts. Your summer shorts wardrobe should include much more than just denim and cutoffs. The tips below might help you include more shorts in your summer style.

Boyfriend Shorts

The perfect pair of boyfriend shorts should ideally be a little long and fit low on your hips. In order to style these, opt for the same method that you would use for boyfriend jeans. Start by rolling the cuffs and pairing them with something slouchy such as a loose button-down shirt, T-shirt or tank top.

Botanical Print

Botanical prints were long regarded as being the ultimate picture of kitsch, especially when holidaying or during summer. When fashion has channeled the tropical vibes, this has given rise to colorful and graphical prints. Tropical print shorts can be paired with strappy flat-colored sandals and mirrored sunglasses.

High-Waisted Cutoffs

High-waisted cutoff shorts are staple pieces and have existed since forever. These type of shorts are best worn with loose graphic T-shirts and a pair of flats. A belt can also be added to lay emphasis on the waist.

Lace Shorts

Lace shorts are best worn with loose tops inspired from menswear. Only a few inches of the shorts should be visible. The rest would need to be covered by the top. A pair of heels can also be worn to lay emphasis on the legs.

Leather Shorts

Leather shorts are more elegant when they are worn quite loose. The look can further be kept light and springy with pops of color or white pieces

Kaki West’s Summertime Health Tips

Learn how to use sunscreen. By now you probably already know that it’s important to shield your skin from harmful UV rays using sunscreen. Doing so prevents cancer and keeps your skin looking beautiful (See Kaki West Images). But many people don’t know how to use it, how much to use, and how often. Here’s the scoop: It’s best to use an SPF of 15 or 30. Put it on at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun, and then apply it often while you’re still out and about. How often? Apply sunscreen at least once an hour to be safe, and after swimming or exercise.

Stay hydrated. Many people overdo it in the summer and as a result end up getting dehydrated, a condition that occurs when your body loses more water than it needs to survive. In general, it’s a good idea to drink more water when it’s hotter than usual outside. To avoid dehydration, bring a bottle of water with you everywhere you go, especially if you’re exercising or travelling. Staying hydrated not only avoids dehydration, but also keeps your skin beautiful and healthy.

Kaki West is a model, actress, and television host who lives in New York City. To get more makeup tips or to see the latest Kaki West pics, visit her blog now.

Make up tips for summer

Written by: Daily Makeover Beauty Board

Summer is all about minimal makeup and maximum glow. You would not want to layer on too much with the risk that it might all melt away with sweat. The only thing that ask for generous lathering in summer is sunscreen. The tips below could help you perfect that summer look.


Whether it’s just for a beach look or for a more carefree summer style, this about keeping your makeup minimal. A concealer could help you with that. You could use it to cover up any spot, blemishes and dark circles and to skip foundation.

Tinted moisturizer

If you require some additional coverage apart from the concealer, you might opt for a tinted moisturizer. This would help you achieve an even tone on your skin and would give you a nice summer glow.

Apply bronzer

While staying out in the sun too much is not recommended, you could give the impression that you have gained some tan by applying bronzer on your face. The application of the bronzer should be light and not overdone. Opt for bronzer that have peach or pink undertones and apply over the apples of the cheeks, on your nose and temple.

Waterproof mascara

Use waterproof mascara especially if you would be splashing water on your face often to get rid of the heat or going for a swim. Brown waterproof mascaras are great for summer looks as they are discreet.

Wear light lipsticks

Use lightweight lipsticks or tinted lip balms to help you feel fresh and not bulk up your lips.

Why bright colors are much better for you during the

TEST TEST Temperate countries enjoy pleasant weather. But this does not mean that we are not susceptible to extremes in temperatures. Our country, especially in specific areas, experiences these extremes – weather that’s too cold, or weather that’s too warm. Especially when it comes to specific areas, winters can be harsh while the summers can be excruciating as well. As a person that’s fashionable, you’ll find that your mode of dressing can make summers bearable. Wearing bright colored clothes will help you bear the heat. The reason for this is because bright colored clothes absorb less heat than dark colored ones. So when you’re out and about in the summer, choose colors like pink and yellow, or just about anything that’s bright-colored. As a matter of fact, these same concepts even work on car paint. You’ll feel cooler as well as more comfortable under the sun. Of course, the type of clothes that you have on should also be an important factor. Always keep in mind that if you’re planning to go outdoors, like at the beach or the lake, you should stick to clothes that are thin and comfortable. This way, you wouldn’t be feeling too uneasy when you find yourself under the sun. With bright-colored clothes on, you would also look more cheerful – a disposition that’s fitting for a bright, sunny day that’s perfect to be spent on the beach. Bright-colored tops also go perfectly with neutral colored bottoms like white shorts. This way, it doesn’t clash with whatever you have on.

Inside Campus Fashion Trend

Summer is in full swing, which means that most college students will be heading back to their hometowns.In the summer heat, it’s hard to stay cool, be comfortable, and look stylish. Let us always think that whatever you wear in your campus, you always bring-out what you really are and reflects our inner-self. This is the Inside Campus Fashion Trend !




Elements of a school outfit:
1. Gold Watch



A classic watch is one of the best accessories a girl can have. She is sleek with black and gold one can be paired with basically anything, and ensures she’s always on time. Between the various styles, colors, and hardware, it’s so easy to find a watch that matches your personal style and budget.



2. Strappy Sandals



Strappy sandals are perfect for hot summer weather, and her neutral brown pair keeps her look casual yet chic. Flat sandals can be paired with all of your favorite pants, shorts, or skirts, which make them a versatile addition to any wardrobe.


3. Burgundy Bag


In the summer, you don’t want to be tied down with a huge purse that you have to lug around everywhere. We get enough of that during the school year! A slouchy bag in a unique color, like her burgundy satchel, keeps your hands free and looks extra stylish.


Elements of Outfit


1. Graphic Sweater

Gabriela pairs a beautiful high-waist black jersey skirt from Guess with a comfy gray sweater. The looseness of her graphic sweater complements the length of the skirt, and makes for a comfy yet chic ensemble. In addition, the black of the skirt and the idea of noir on top add a sense of worldly allure.


2. Metallic Sandals and Bright Polish

Gabriela’s shoes are reminiscent of snakeskin and are lined with a touch of black, which really makes the texture pop. These metallic sandals pair nicely with the outfit, and add a summery touch. We also love how her bright blue nail polish adds a fun splash of color against the neutral-hued shoes.


3. Stacked Bracelets

As far as accessories go, Gabriela combined texture and color for a unique arm party. The beaded bracelets come from her mother’s boutique, Spices & Sugar. They are handmade, and the bold colors really stand out against her otherwise monochrome outfit.

Gabriela is totally rocking her hombre hair. The shorter cut and hombre effect work well together, and we love how it looks with her naturally wavy locks.