Crafting party favors

Written by Too Cute Beads

Party favors are essential if you are hosting a party. It might be in the form of small gifts, edible goods such as cakes and candies or just a thank you note. Your party favors would remind your guests of the great time they have spent at your place and act as a sign of gratitude on your part thanking them for having lifted up your party.

If you are giving away non-edible party favors, you might think about getting them ready before the party so that you would not have to worry about that on the day of the event. Classic party favors would consist of candles, greeting cards, photos or a souvenir reminding the theme of the party such as seashells for beach-themed parties. A unique party favor idea would be to include a piece of bead jewelry to the gift hamper. You might take a step further and include a jewelry making activity during your party. Your guests would thus be able to craft their own jewelry and to take it home as their party favor.

To include a jewelry-making activity in your party, you might want to stock up on jewelry making supplies. You could also get some Regaliz leather to help your guests easily craft bracelets even if they have not done it before. This would be a great opportunity to find out about the creativity of your friends and to watch them express themselves through this craft.

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