Tips on Buying Your First Mattress

Tips-on-Buying-Your-First-MattressWritten by: Bedding Style

Newlyweds have a lot to handle. Planning a wedding is time consuming enough, but what comes after is the beginning of a life together. You may have had disagreements over what looks nicest, or what will work for the home you both had pictured in your minds, but reality can bring us down to Earth. There are a few practical considerations you should keep in mind when it comes to purchasing your first bed. We’ll cover everything from firmness to sheets and frames, so read on for practical tips to help you make your decision.

Consider Your Budget

Before you decide to get that cheap bed from a department store, go and spend some time laying on it. There are two places in life where you don’t want to skimp on luxury: your shoes and your bed. Most cheap beds feel great when you first get into them, but you start to notice small deal breakers over time. These beds lack support and they often don’t last for very long. With that in mind, look at some quality beds and use that to help you determine what your budget ought to be. Some people spend several thousand dollars on a bed others would find too firm or unnecessary. Budgeting and demoing will go hand in hand, but expect to pay more than a few hundred dollars if you want something to last.

Also, don’t discount the power of negotiation. You may be able to get a free set of pillows, bed linens or even a box spring thrown in with your purchase if you can negotiate for them.

Size and Comfort

Having a wide bed is about personal space. Some couples don’t mind being in closer contact, and the smaller frame will save space in the bedroom for other pieces of furniture. You also want to make sure that the height of the bed matches your own height. A lot of shorter people will struggle to get into and out of a bed that stands tall.

As you are getting in and out of the mattress, take a moment to note the firmness. Some people like a mattress that cushions them, but others find that too soft and difficult to get out of.

Thoughts on Care and Bedding

When you buy your first set of bed sheets, buy a slip cover that is fitted to your size bed. When you perspire at night, you won’t stain your mattress. You can also buy a bed bug cover if you’re nervous about that particular nuisance.

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