Summer is Here

Summer is here and that means a whole new style for you and your current wardrobe. One of the unfortunate things about summer is that it tends to get a little too hot for comfort. This means that you’re going to have less layers to play around with. With less clothes to wear at any one time, it starts to get hard looking good, but worry not because here are a few tips on how to keep looking this summer!


Playing with colors


You may have less clothes but those clothes still have color. You can play around with the colors of your outfit and make a whole new look each time. There literally millions of color combinations out there for you to use! You can go with the conventional bright summer colors to give your look a cheery vibe or go with different color combos to give your outfit an edge. You can also play around with textures to make your outfit stand out from the rest.




With less clothes comes more skin, and there isn’t much to do with your skin except keep it looking fabulous. However, there are other pieces you can wear that don’t add to the heat you will feel. Spice up your outfit with bracelets and necklaces to give it a little extra something. Some jewelry can totally reinvent your outfit and the beauty of it all is that if you pick the right kind of jewelry, it can go with anything.

Why bright colors are much better for you during the

TEST TEST Temperate countries enjoy pleasant weather. But this does not mean that we are not susceptible to extremes in temperatures. Our country, especially in specific areas, experiences these extremes – weather that’s too cold, or weather that’s too warm. Especially when it comes to specific areas, winters can be harsh while the summers can be excruciating as well. As a person that’s fashionable, you’ll find that your mode of dressing can make summers bearable. Wearing bright colored clothes will help you bear the heat. The reason for this is because bright colored clothes absorb less heat than dark colored ones. So when you’re out and about in the summer, choose colors like pink and yellow, or just about anything that’s bright-colored. As a matter of fact, these same concepts even work on car paint. You’ll feel cooler as well as more comfortable under the sun. Of course, the type of clothes that you have on should also be an important factor. Always keep in mind that if you’re planning to go outdoors, like at the beach or the lake, you should stick to clothes that are thin and comfortable. This way, you wouldn’t be feeling too uneasy when you find yourself under the sun. With bright-colored clothes on, you would also look more cheerful – a disposition that’s fitting for a bright, sunny day that’s perfect to be spent on the beach. Bright-colored tops also go perfectly with neutral colored bottoms like white shorts. This way, it doesn’t clash with whatever you have on.