What Are the Benefits of Wearing Daily Disposable Contact Lenses?

Summary: Daily disposable contacts can change the way you see contacts forever.

There are a variety of benefits that come with wearing daily disposable contact lenses, aside from comfort alone. Many people are making the switch to these convenient lenses today and here’s why.

Daily disposable contact lenses, as the name implies, are worn once per day and thrown out after every use. If you are considering these types of contacts, it’s important that you consult with your eye doctor immediately for a recommendation and updated prescription. He or she may also provide you with a trial pair so you can determine whether it’s right for your lifestyle.

The Benefits

While throwing out your contact lenses every day might sound like an ineffective approach to being cost-effective, there are a number of benefits that follow.

One of the most important advantages is maximizing the health of your eyes. A new, fresh set of contact lenses will very rarely accumulate protein buildup that is commonly associated with other types of contact lenses. Disposables eliminate the issues that come with improper cleaning and maintenance, which in turn, reduces the overall risk of inflammation or infection.

Another benefit to wearing disposable contact lenses is the convenience. Because many contact wearers tend to live active lives and have a difficult time remembering their cleaning routine, it can lead to an infection. Moreover, it’s tedious to clean your lenses on a consistent basis, especially if you live a busy lifestyle. Instead, you can bring a new set of contact lenses wherever you travel to and swap them out without having to worry about rinsing, cleaning, and disinfecting them.

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