Contact Lens Maintenance Tips

Contact lenses can be life-changing, helping people with poor vision see clearly. Lenses rae quite fragile and need to be handled with care. Following some best practices can help you maintain the quality of your contact lenses.

Store in a Cool Temperature

Storing your acuvue vita contacts in a cool environment is crucial. The contacts are made out of a very thin layer of silicone hydrogel. This material contains both a kind of plastic that can absorb water and silicone, which can help the contacts stay both oxidized and hydrated. Storing them in a very cold environment can cause them to become too firm. On the other hand, storing the lenses in too warm of an environment can cause them to break down and dry up. Both conditions can cause the lenses to warp, and since the contacts are designed to fit your specific eye measurements, they may not properly fit afterwards.

Do Not Use Water

An additional step you can take to keep your contact lenses in good condition is to avoid letting them come in contact with water. Lenses from and other suppliers are strong enough to be carefully handled when putting them on and taking them off. However, they can get scratched by microparticles found in your tap water, ocean water, and even bottled water.

When it comes to cleaning stick to contact solution. When you are out of the house, be careful when you go to the pool or beach. Small specks of dirt or sand can scratch your contacts and the surfaces of your eyes.