How to Correctly Clean Your Contact Lenses

Summary: Cleaning and maintaining your contact lenses should be done every day. Taking shortcuts or missing steps can result in eye infections or irritation.

Because contact lenses are placed directly on the eye, they require more care than eyeglasses. Moreover, depending on the contact lens model, you’ll also need to follow a strict cleaning routine. Here are some tips and guidelines that you should follow if you’re new to contact lenses.

Choose the Right Contact Solution

Remember, not all contact lenses use the same type of solution. Soft lenses cannot be cleaned the same way that RGP lenses, or hard lenses, are. RGP lenses utilize two different types of cleaning solutions that you do not want on your soft lenses. You’ll need solution that caters to RGP lenses, which you can usually find through the recommendation of your doctor.

Follow Your Optometrist’s Directions

Your eye doctor will always provide you with advice and recommendations whenever you need it. If you’re still confused and in need of a solution that works well with your contacts, ask him or her. Most contact solutions that they’ll recommend can be purchased over the counter. However, there are some solutions that may only be purchased with a prescription – although these are rare and may not apply to your case.

Be Consistent with Your Cleaning

One of the most forgotten aspects of maintaining and cleaning contact lenses is sticking to a schedule. If you’re not wearing monthly contact lenses for example, you’re probably wearing contact lenses that need to be cleaned and stored in a solution. Be sure that you follow this routine to ensure maximum protection while minimizing the chances of you getting an infection. Neglecting to clean everyday will eventually cause irritation and even a serious infection.

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