Religious Jewelry: A Fashion Flaw or Appropriately Fashionable?

Summary: Displaying religious jewelry in an open manner is always a questionable decision, especially when over half of the world’s population has a preferred religious practice.

Sporting religious jewelry for purely fashionable reasons comes with some form of controversy. It’s important to note that many of these pieces carry significant religious value to many and there’s always been a debate as to whether these pieces should be worn for holistic reasons or not.

Celebrity Influences

With a variety of celebrity influences donning religious pieces like a necklace with a cross or any other item that holds religious value, it’s starting to become something of a fashion statement. Whether this can be considered “right” amongst the public eye is highly debatable as it all comes down to those that believe in Christianity, Catholicism, or any other religion of their choice.

Regardless of the matter, it does stir the pot, with so many people living their lives through a specific religion. Should it be considered right to wear pieces from places like Christian.Jewelry just so it matches an outfit? What about the religious impact that it has for some people? Is it truly justified? The public opinion is still out there.

Should it Bother People?

Another question that people often ask is whether it should bother those that believe in a deity of some sort. To some individuals, there is a common misconception that a certain saint is representative of a specific aspect of life – which can be commonly debated by those that truly believe in a certain religion. Whatever the reason may be, it all comes down to the individual actually wearing the piece itself. While the public eye might see something wrong with it, it won’t change the fact that the religious value that it holds will almost always be voiced differently by the outside man or woman.