3 Fashion Myths that Don’t Hold Water

So, what works in the world of fashion? What doesn’t? While there are those who tend to take what they wear a bit too seriously, and turn it into binding rules, if you will, it can hardly be described as the apt approach to a lifestyle choice that changes literally every other day.

And which is why there are certain fashion myths that don’t hold water. So, here are 3 fashion myths that one shouldn’t take seriously at all:

#1: No Minis for Women Over 35

You’ll know that this isn’t true especially if you’ve seen Gwyneth Palthrow’s legs in that Preen dress recently. If you think it works for you, you should certainly try it but ensure that you go for simple makeup and hair while choosing only understated silhouettes.

#2: Sequins should be worn at night only

This attention-drawing fabric tends to go well if worn along with plain basics, and does not have to be worn only at night, even if that’s the prevailing opinion. One example that has challenged the status quo is the combination of clothes that Rachel Bilson wore, including an Oxford shirt along with a mini.

#3: Long dresses aren’t for short women

This is hardly the case since several women have changed this opinon about the maxidress trend namely Eva Longoria, Kristen Bell, Jessica Simpson and so on and so forth. Although, it’s a good idea to pick a dress with light fabric so as to avoid bulk. One example of this is Bell’s silk gown made by Jenni Kayne.