Tips to Stay Fashionable in Summer

There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to staying fashionable in summer. The following tips might help you out if you are faced with a dilemma about what to wear or a choice between a summer dress or shorts.

Skin tone bra with white T-Shirts

White T-shirts are certainly summer staples. They help to keep cool while at the same time are trendy. It’s a common misconception that wearing a white bra would be great with a white tee. This would result in your bra’s white clashing against your T-shirt’s white. The smooth cup of a nude bra would instead even out everything.

Practise remaining bare-footed

Summer is the perfect time to walk around wearing sandals without any stockings. While strappy sandals would make your feet look great, blisters might not. You might want to toughen your skin by applying some surgical spirit and practising by not wearing stockings around the house.

Wear a Light Jacket

Even if it’s summer, you might want to bring a light jacket with you when you leave the house. You might either choose a jacket made out of denim or canvas. If you are seeking a more contemporary style, you might want to opt for a bomber jacket or a blazer.

Wearing Fitted T-Shirts

Instead of wearing loose and baggy T-shirts, which are, let’s face it, quite unflattering, it might be a good idea to indulge into some body conscious dressing. You might look for fitted T-shirts in materials such as a cotton/Lycra blend. For the colors, classics such as white or black would be great with jeans.