2017 Fashion trends for autumn-winter season: as little skin on demand

Cloaks, long coats to the ground and men shoes style are some of the clothing items you should not miss for a fashionable wardrobe this autumn-winter season.Summer is over, even though temperatures are still generous. In fashion we are bombarded with the next season trends. All magazines have fresh material for several months to come. Catwalks fashion is going down on the streets. Everybody are chasing acquisitions for the autumn-winter season. Follow the advice of trendsetters and fashion editors who know the best parts that you should not miss in your wardrobe this season.Easy, diaphanous dresses, breeches, shirts thin summer slippers, sandals and straw hat goes away in cupboards leaving room for more serious things like coats, jackets, sweaters, suits, boots and so on. Even though economic times and general context that we live are not the most favorable, each of us need to start a new season buying something new. We need to feel that not only enrich our new season with new projects and plans, but with something more tangible, more earthly, which empower us the proposed goals. How do we handle the multitude of suggestions, ideas and proposals abound in fashion magazines, shop windows, advertisements and TV shows? So what do I wear in the time ahead?

Buy commercial clothes and dresses

Let’s start from the clothes that will accompany us throughout the autumn and winter. Very practical are Parka or utilitarian clothes, black color, brown and khaki tones, worn over or tailored casual style office even in dreary autumn days. Bold will wear over a dress of sexy flowing silk. A highly touted new fashion catwalks is the cape of different materials – cloth, leather or less conventional materials – that bring your outfits a touch of nonconformity, either on dresses or pants.Coat this season knows an exaggerated elongation, reaching to the ground being so long evening dresses perfectly adapted, but slightly impractical during the day, the daily bustle. Pants ‘skinny’ choice will remain adaptable and easy reach of many outfits. Instead, baggy pants, medium and high, is the new star. That will give you a piece aristocratic allure, relaxed, being a suitable alternative to cocktail dresses.This season, sweater will exceeds its role of article you warm in cold days or on vacation to ski and became a replacement jacket. On the podium he was seen worn with silk skirts, midi or long, baggy pants, in colors and combinations that are more or less daring. Skirts and dresses descend to an average length this season, by the middle of the knee or calf, remind us the late 60s and 70s, when feminists declare loudly that they should not bare much of own body to get what we want! Ladies, remember or look in the archives of cinema series Charlie’s Angels in the mid 70′s with Farah Fawcett going down from a Chloe, Marc Jacobs and Gucci podium this season. Although the classic combinations of colors (black, nude) remain an option that you will not fail again, still dares with colors and textures of the most unusual, trying to keep a game close and complementary color. The result is spectacular.

Small purses

In terms of accessories, starting since the spring-summer season, the bags slightly changed the form and structure. If until now the huge bag we carry an entire universe was present on the arm most women, we should wear the structured bag, slightly retro, and much more flattering proportions even for petite tale. So a new season, a new approach to fashion. Or maybe not entirely. I’m sure, already in your closet, some immortal parts can be easily adapted to new trend, with a little imagination and some new accents. The key lies with the original style to learn from others, not to imitate.


Male-inspired shoes, but “effeminate”. Stiletto heels remain a “must” of the season. Classics but forever present, are likely to elevate any outfit in an instant. And, why not admit it, heels are the same as Photoshop to our feet. However, we have days that just do not want heels! We like hearing thoughts and protests, the designers have decided that yes, we can be “cool” and true fashion woman and without their help. Thus, you can wear with pants or skirts with high confidence inspired shoes men, yet “effeminate”, so called “loafer”, which were present in presentation Sonia Rykiel, Lanvin and Stella McCartney.