Three Makeup Techniques to Enhance Your Eyes

Every woman wants beautiful eyes, but aging can quickly turn healthy-looking eyes into tired-looking eyes. No problem! Are you concerned about the pouches under your eyes? Do your upper eyelids sag? There’s a makeup trick for nearly every condition in the book, several of which help to conceal issues related to your eyes. Before you can apply eyeshadow, mascara, and other eye makeup on your face, learn how to correct a few unwanted features with these easy makeup techniques.

Make under Eye Ledges Disappear

Under eye ledges occur when the area right underneath the eye is depressed. To correct this problem, Cosmix Inc. — one of the top schools for makeup artists — recommends highlighting the upper side of the ledge and blending into the soft edge of the eye shadow, pointing down away from the eye.

Erase Pouches under the Eye

Puffy eyes can really make someone look tired. As with most problems, pouches under the eye develop over time due to aging. To get rid of the puffiness, highlight the hard edge of the crease and blend up into the soft edge. To push back the puffy area, apply a slightly darker contour to the puffy area.

Raise Upper Eye Lid Sag

Another issue caused by aging, the skin above the eye can sag on the outside corner of the eye. To correct this issue, Cosmix Inc. makeup classes teach students to apply the highlight onto the hard edge underneath the sag. Next, blend the highlight into the soft edge above.

Cosmix Inc. has sponsored this guest blog. One of the leading schools of makeup artistry, Cosmix Inc. is licensed and accredited.